An advocate for education by providing positive leadership, coordinating and delivering state and local services, and disseminating information for educators, school districts, and the community.

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Regional Office of Education Staff

The staff of Regional Office of Education #17 is dedicated to being of service for your questions about the 30 public school districts we serve along with the various private school options available.

Mark Jontry, Regional Superintendent

The Honorable Mark Jontry was elected into office in November 2008 after serving as Assistant Regional Superintendent.  Mark assists districts in Health/Life Safety, Illinois School Code and legislative issues concerning schools, students and community.  He is the office contact for all building permits, safety concerns and community initiatives.  Mark serves on the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents Health/Life Safety committee and is chairperson of the By-laws committee.  He is a Eureka graduate and has his master's in Education Administration and Foundations from Illinois State University. He has been in education for over twenty years.

  • Legislative Issues
  • Health/Life Safety
  • School Board Issues

Carmen Bergmann, Assistant Regional Superintendent
309-888-5120 ext. 1202


  • Professional Development
  • Compliance
  • Administrator Certification

Molly Allen, Team Lead Coordinator
309-888-5120 ext. 1207

John Clemmer, Business Manager
309-888-5120 ext. 1203

Emily Kull, Transition Specialist
309-888-5120 ext. 1210

  • Manage STEP Program
  • Assist with transitions for students with special needs

Ryan Deason, Transition Specialist
309-888-5120 ext. 1214

Shelia Diaz, STAR Adult Literacy

  • ​STAR Adult Literacy Program (Secretary of State Grant)

Kevin Jones, Instructional Coach

  • Restorative Practice/Restorative Justice Training

Sue Lootens, Administrative Assistant

  • Assist the Transition Specialist team

Donna Lynn, Licensure Specialist
309-888-5120 ext, 1206

  • Teacher Certification
  • School Records
  • Personnel compliance visits

Kimberly Maddox, Program Development Grant Administrator
309-828-5807 Extension 1214

  • ​JDC School Program
  • Truancy Program
  • Homeless Program

Randy Merker, District Specialist
309-888-5807 ext.  1207

  • Financial Guidance for Superintendents
  • Shared Services (Paper Cooperative, Fuel Cooperative, CSFT)

Kelly Nyert, Assistant to Carmen Bergmann
309-888-5120 ext. 1208

  • Professional Development/graduate credit
  • Calendar scheduler
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Payroll

Victoria Padilla, Assistant to Regional Superintendent
309-888-5120 ext. 1209

  • School Code
  • Health/Life Safety
  • Home School
  • School Calendars

Angela Riethmaier, Administrative Assistant
309-888-5120 ext. 1200

  • GED Diplomas and Transcripts
  • Bus Driver Training
  • Paper Cooperative
  • Substitute and Paraprofessional certification

Marie Yoder, Transition Specialist Assistant
309-888-5120ext. 1213

  • Assist Transition Specialist