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Please use the following form to report pupils who have been expelled, have withdrawn (for home schooling, etc.), or who have left school and have been removed from the regular attendance rolls during the period of time school was in regular session from the time of the previous quarterly report. A "dropout" is defined as any child enrolled in grades 1 through 12 whose name has been removed from the district enrollment roster for any reason other than his deathextended illnessgraduation or completion of a program of studies and who has not transferred to another public or private school

Email the completed form to: Victoria Padilla (

2018-2019 Drop Out Report 




To view the vaccination list by grade level please click here.         



  To view the Mandated & Recommended Trainings for School Persnnel please click here.
* Note this document is created, maintained and distributed by ROE # 53 in partnership with other ROEs and ISCs. This is an evolving document based on current and/or pending legislation. 



Public Act 96-0640 was enacted on August 24, 2009.  This Public Act added new language to Section 24-2 of the Illinois School Code stating that a school board or eligible entity is authorized to hold school or schedule teachers’ institute, parent/teacher conferences, or staff development activities including school improvement and in-service training on five legal school holidays.  The school board or eligible entity must document the following information.  Please submit this form to:

Regional Office of Education #17
200 W. Front Street, Suite 500D
Bloomington, IL 61701
fax: 309-862-0420




 For the ISBE Registration Guidance for the 2016-2017 School Year please click here. 

For the ISBE Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency(Form 85-51) please click here.

For information about Annexation-Detachment please visit our Regional Board of School Trustees Page (under About Us.) 



The Regional Alternative School is responsible for coordinating an ongoing program to assist the region's schools in requiring good student attendance. The DeWitt, Livingston, & McLean Counties Truancy/Outreach Coordinator, and the DeWitt, Livingston & McLean Counties Truancy/Outreach Specialist, will work aggressively with schools and parents to intervene early and resolve school attendance problems.

Partnerships among the Regional Office of Educaion #17, Regional Alternative School, the State's Attorney's Office, Court Services, and Social Agencies will serve the communities in resolution of school attendance issues.  Email referrals to

ROE # 17 Truancy Officers

Jim Drengwitz: 
Steve Mintus:

To be directed to the ROE # 17 Truancy Outreach page, click here. 




Each public school has an annual Health/LIfe Safety inspection.  Health/Life Safety inspections are conducted to ensure that schools are in compliance with fire and safety codes.

Illinois State Board of Education

Link to ISBE Health/Life Safety Homepage

School Safety Drill Report

School Safety Drill Report

As required by Public Act 94-0600 and Public Act 95-1015

P.A. 94-0600, Section 10: "The purpose of this Act is to establish minimum requirements and standars for schools to follow when conducting school safety drills and reviewing school emergency and crisis response plans and to encourage schools and first responders to work together for the safety of children. Communities and schools may exceed these requirements and standards."

P.A. 95-1015: "Requires each school to conduct a law enforcement drill, to be conducted in accorance with the school district's emergency and crisis response plans, protocols and procedures, with participation of the appropriate law enforcement agency."


District Annual Review of Safety Plans

District Annual Review of Safety Plans

Click here to read Public Act 94-0600 in it's entirety

P.A. 94-0600, Section 25: "Each public school district, through its school board or the board's designee, shall conduct a minimum of one annual meeting at which it will review each school building's emergency and crisis response plans, prorocols, and procedutes and each building's compliance with the school safety drill programs.  The purpose of this annual review shall be to review and update the emergency and crisis response plans, protocols, and procedures and the safety drill programs of the district and each of its school buildings."

For more information please contact Victoria Padilla at